Analysis of KPIs and finances/spending for a consortium of telecom companies.

Sensitive information has been blurred or removed. These dashboards were generated in Excel. We can also deploy visualizations directly to the web instead of using static images from Excel/reports.

These types of visualizations and insights can be extracted from most datasets, not just financial data. Call or email us to chat about your data project.

Company Comparison Dashboard

Caption: This is a screenshot of the company comparison dashboard. It compares key metrics for the five companies in the consortium. Besides calling out particularly interesting findings with arrows and highlights in our dashboards, Boxplot also explains all insights directly with clients as part of our consulting process.

Individual Company Dashboard

Caption: The following two dashboards are drilled down more - the first displays overall metrics for an individual company, and the second covers specific KPIs that were important to the client.

Caption: Per client request, we made the dashboard interactive. The client had the ability to slice the entire thing by year to view how trends changed year-to-year.

KPI Dashboard

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