Meet the Team

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Barb has a Bachelor’s in Statistics and is the primary point of contact for client work.
Barb Donnini
President & Analyst
Maud has a Ph.D. in Computer Science with a focus in Artificial Intilligence / Game Theory. She works on client projects for Boxplot.
Maud Gibbons
Data Analyst & Developer
Ramaa has a Master’s in Statistics and a PhD in Computer Science. She works on client projects for Boxplot.
Ramaa Nathan
Data Scientist/Statistician
Mikey is a graduate of the Thinkful Engineering Immersion Program and has an extensive Github profile. He works on a variety of coding tasks for Boxplot.
Mikey Manoguerra
Andreas has a Master’s in Statistics and experience in the finance industry. He works on client projects for Boxplot.
Andreas Lezis
Statistical Analyst
Kelsey has a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Colorado, Boulder and has extensive experience working for top data analytics and data science educational organizations like General Assembly.
Kelsey McNeillie
Data Analyst
Maria is a graduate of Cornell University and has held several positions in the marketing field. She assists Boxplot with marketing projects.
Maria Laughlin
Arden has a Bachelor’s in Music Education. Arden has played piano since the age of seven, and has done accompanying work since age twelve. She does administrative and marketing work for Boxplot.
Arden Harper
Admin & Marketing