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Boxplot offers cutting-edge, interactive training programs for businesses of all sizes. Our trainings are all virtual, and delivered over the video chat platform of your choice. All are instructor-lead and live for maximum participant engagement. See below for our offerings.

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We also offer the following through our partnership with United Training

Data Science and Blockchain

This course reviews why blockchain is the future of data science. There are many decisions and issues that face the technical team and data leadership, and this class will enable participants to effectively make those decisions both offensively and defensively.

Data Science Solutions on Azure

This course features an overview of Azure services, using them to develop, train, and deploy machine learning solutions. It includes an indepth look at Azure’s premier data science service, Azure Machine Learning service, which is used to automate the data science pipeline.

Practical Data Science with Amazon SageMaker

Individuals learn how to solve a real-world use case with Machine Learning (like customer retention analysis to inform loyalty programs) and how to produce actionable results using Amazon SageMaker. It includes analyzing and visualizing a dataset, preparing the data, feature engineering, and the practical aspects of model building, training, tuning, and deployment with Amazon SageMaker.

Implementing an Agile Project

Many of today’s Project Management and Business Analyst Professionals are finding themselves leading, managing and analyzing on Agile development teams – only to find that many of the tools and techniques applied when using a traditional project management approach no longer work as effectively or at all. In order to do more than survive in this iterative development environment, today’s Project Manager and Business Analyst must employ additional project management and business analysis tools and techniques to effectively lead their teams and deliver their projects. The course will explore how your projects can easily and successfully make the transition to an effective Agile environment. Agile Scrum is an incremental, iterative framework for project management and software development – where requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration between self-organizing cross-functional teams. NOTE: This course will earn you 14 PDUs.

Agile for Business Analysts

In this course, you will gain an understanding about agile business analysis. You will learn how business analysis on an agile project is ‘the same’ and ‘different’ than business analysis performed on waterfall projects. You will understand how the business analysis role changes on an agile team. A number of business analysis techniques suited for supporting agile teams will be introduced as will the various standards available to the community to help teams and organizations transition. Since few organizations are pure agile, you will also learn about delivery approaches that use a combination of practices from waterfall and agile and will also be introduced to the important concept of business analysis tailoring – the key skill used to adapt business analysis skills to all environments – regardless of the delivery life cycle selected. NOTE: This course will earn you 14 PDUs.

Learning Git and GitHub

This hands-on course teaches participants how to integrate Git and GitHub into their daily command-line workflow. Git operations, customizations of Git functionality, and how to connect to Git via Eclipse are covered as well.

Why Upskill on Data Skills?

Regardless of your organization’s industry, we are in the midst of a rapid expansion in the usage of data-based insight generation.

According to Acute Market Reports, the Data Analytics market will grow at an estimated 12.3% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2019 to 2027, while around 90% of business professionals now say that data and analytics are key to organizational initiatives.

Therefore, if you want to avoid losing ground to your competitors, upskilling on your team’s data competency is a fantastic way to achieve that.

And even if you are breaking ground in terms of data usage in your industry, using data to help drive your diagnostic and predictive insight generation is, in most instances, more historically accurate than trusting intuition alone.

Why do things the old way?

About our Training

We’ve gained a reputation for creating an interactive, energetic, engaging atmosphere during these training sessions, and our client-specific approach is sure to make upskilling on data competency a breeze. We are highly experienced in data-oriented skill training; our president, Barbara Donnini, has taught extensively for General Assembly, one of the world’s leading technical skill development educators, and we have a network of educators who are just as experienced.

Our preferred process involves live classes held on Zoom, where learners are encouraged to come off of mute and participate in the course. We’ll also set up a Slack workspace where students can engage with each other and the instructional team so they can get help outside of class hours. Classes contain real-world examples – examples that can even be tailored to specific problems your organization faces.

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